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(: Patriotic songs at the bottom :)

 Christmas songs






04 Merry Christmas Bells (full).mp3



I hear those jingle bells (perf).mp3

15 We Wish You A Merry Christmas (full).mp3

06 Deck The Halls.mp3

winter wonderland.mp3

santa claus is coming to town.mp3


03 Peaceful Night.mp3

rockin' around the Christmas tree.mp3

Let it snow.mp3

05 Here We Come A-Caroling.mp3

 Halloween songs

04 Do the Igor.mp3

06 My Vampire Buddies.mp3

12 Mwa Ha Ha.mp3

07 Ten Big Pumpkins.mp3

07 The Pumpkin March.mp3

07 The Spooky Boogie.mp3

07 Vampire Cowboy.mp3

07 Whacky Halloween,full.mp3

10 Scarin Alive.mp3

11 Trick or Treat (Full).mp3

Do you hear that sound.mp3

08 Zombie Style -full.mp3

08 Yankee Doodle-full.mp3

 Easter songs

06 Hard-Boiled Egg.mp3

03 Easter Lily.mp3

09 A Bouncing Baby Bunny.mp3

10 Speckled Eggs.mp3

06 Jelly Bean Blues.mp3

07 Hip Hop Bunny (Full).mp3

09 Rainbows Rock! (Full).mp3

 Patriotic songs


You're a Grand Old Flag.mp3

This Land is Your Land.mp3

America the Beautiful.mp3

National Anthem.mp3

God Bless the USA.mp3

You are Our Heroes.mp3

God Bless America.mp3

My Flag.mp3

Allegiance Rap.mp3

Stars and Stripes Forever.mp3

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